Consultations and Intuitive Healing Support
for You and Your Animal Companion

How Carol Can Help

Carol assists animals and their human companions with:

  • Understanding the source of and
    helping to resolve behavior problems
  • Releasing trauma and fear surrounding injury, illness, and death
  • Understanding the animal's viewpoint, needs, and feelings
  • Or, Just friendly conversation and message communication


Carol assists all species of animals..

                   as well as animal companions who haved passed on into Spirit,

                   and Lost Animal cases. 

                   (Follow this link for helpful tips and additional lost animal resources)

or e-mail Carol at,
or call 815-531-2850  


"The communication with Sammie really helped us understand the "why" of his behaviors, and in so doing, is helping us be patient while he's working through his emotional issues. The very specific points covered were quite amazing, funny and insightful. Since the communication, Sammie seems to be a happier, more content dog and we're seeing a more playful attitude, and more smiles from him. Thanks!"
- Tina, Wisconsin
"I would like to express my appreciation for the insight you have given me regarding the litterbox problems with my cats. Changing to a different brand of litter as they suggested has helped, as well as moving the litterboxes away from main areas. It still amazes me just how smart Teddy and Lexi really are. I guess I hadn't realized that animals are also feeling and thinking individuals fully capable of expressing themselves. I just wasn't understanding the message until you were able to interpret it for me. Thank you so much for all your help."
- Tammy, Illinois
"Thank you so much for the kind e-mail and especially for the communication last night. I could not possibly put into words what it meant to me, and how much I admire your gift. It is truly a gift of healing and quite obviously directly from God. This type of work seems to me to be sacred and necessary. We discover how profound the connections are between all beings, particularly those we live with, and how meaningful those connections are. It was also obvious to me how much the animals trusted you; they gave you so much and so quickly. You were absolutely correct about their different personalities and energies. Thank you again. You are on the path to extraordinary things! I am glad to walk part of the way with you."
- With great love from Joanne, Amber, Little Cat, and Deva, Illinois


How Carol Works


Information below includes:


Communication Session Preparation

Carol and the animals work best in a question and answer format, so it is most effective if you plan in advance what questions you would like to directly ask your companion (typically between 6 and 9 for one animal). Most animals have a very deep desire to communicate, and are looking forward to discussing numerous topics they have been waiting to share.  By planning ahead, it is helpful to ensure that the key items at this time are covered during the session.   Your companion will have many opportunities to share additional topics and thoughts throughout the connection and time together. 

The animal's name, breed/physical description, gender, and age are needed for the session.  Pictures are not necessary, but if the session is by phone, it is helpful to have a picture for the consultation, and for future use if additional conversations become scheduled. E-mailing photos works very well if you have digital capabilities, so you do not need to send the original photographs. Any original photos sent are returned once the session is completed. 

(the animals' basic information, including digital photos,
can be submitted on the session request form)

"I want to send you my heartfelt THANK YOU for helping me understand my girls. I've been so worried about Chelsea's health and happiness, she obviously has enough happiness inside her for the entire world, and I can now help instead of worry about her discomfort. And then there is Popper. I started a journey 2 years ago, not knowing where it will lead me. You and Popper have opened up a new door into what is to come. I'm forever grateful to you both."
- Karla, Illinois

An overview of history (including wellness, behaviorial, and other current concerns) can be helpful to put the animals' feedback into context, but please keep this brief if provided.   The questions/topics are key for preparation. 

The brief history and the list of questions, is to be submitted at least 24 hours in advance of the scheduled session.  The consultation preparation form can be used for this purpose to help easily convey the requested information.  This preparation will save approximately 10 minutes at the beginning of the communication session when you call. 

Scheduled Session Time

Once a phone session time is confirmed,

you initiate the call to Carol at that scheduled time on a private phone consultation line (provided to you).  

During the communication session, Carol always lets the animal talk first before she continues  with the prepared questions. This provides your companion the opportunity to relay what they would like to at the beginning. The translation happens sentence-by-sentence, so you will receive the translation almost as soon as they provide it to her.  The session is intended to be interactive, so as you both talk with your companion, you may have some additional questions based on their responses.  Those are simply handled as part of the conversation.

For phone sessions, both the animal and you can be comfortable anywhere in your home during the call.  The animal does not need to be near the phone or in the same room with you during the session.  It is simply important that you are both comfortable and relaxed. An alternative phone conference line can be used if there will be multiple people on the call. Please ensure that you have a good phone connection for the call. 

(For in-person sessions, depending on weather, you can meet with your companion and Carol  either indoors or outdoors at your home or barn, whatever is most logical to ensure a pleasant session without distractions for humans and animals.)


Recording the Consultation

Thanks again for your help and connecting with Chloe and Riley!  It was so amazing!  Thanks also for digitally recording the session - I've enjoyed listening to it again!  I checked out what the elephant totem says - and it talks about power, strength, and wisdom.  That is a message I keep getting from others about myself, and the second time Riley has mentioned it to me.  I'm going to focus my meditations on the elephant and power and strength, and we'll see where it takes me!

- Cathi, Wisconsin, May 2006 

During the phone or in-person visit, please be prepared to take notes.  You are welcome to record the session yourself.  Internet digital capabilities are available for recording phone sessions. Within 24 hours following the session, an MP3 audio file of the session will be e-mailed to you, which you can then save onto your own computer. If you would like this option, or if you prefer a CD of the session, please specify that at the time you submit the animal's history and questions for the session. (Pricing for the digital recording and CD options are noted below.)

Statement of Disclosure

Once a session time is confirmed, you will be requested to complete a Consultation Preparation Form .  As a part of submitting the animal's information for the session, you will be requested to acknowledge a "Statement of Disclosure".  This Statement of Disclosure is required in the State of Illinois for alternative animal practitioners.  Basically the statement indicates that Carol is "not a veterinarian, does not diagnose medical issues, offer medical advice, prescribe drugs, or perform surgery". 

This acknowledgement can alternatively be completed through use of the Statement of Disclosure form and submitted separately from the animal's session information.

Animals in Spirit

For sessions with animal companions who have passed into Spirit, Carol request clients to prepare questions in a similar way.  Please provide the approximate date of passing on your session request form, and forward the questions for your companion prior to the scheduled session. 

We wanted to let you know that you have helped us tremendously, both in dealing with the death of some of our family members as well as helping us to understand some of our current pets. We were skeptical at first but your comments regarding our animals were too special and on point for them to be coincidence or guess work. You have not only made believers of us in your work but have given us great peace of mind. Thank you so much."
- Christy and Tom, Florida

Thank you so much or helping me come to better terms with my cat, Chuck's, death.  I feel much better now that I know that he is with me, and always will be.  You have a wonderful gift, and I'm very happy for the chance to get to experience it in my own way.  Some of the things you conveyed that he said were amazing.  Like when Chuck said "Shake that tail, baby!"  I couldn't believe it!  Once you said that, an image of me and him playing with his tail came in my head.  I was awestruck!  I'm still crying as I'm writing this.  I'm happy to know that he's having a good time.  I can just imagine him running through people, buzzing them, and having a good time with all the other cats that he has known throughout his life that have passed on as well.  He was quite a character when he was alive, and now I know that he has not changed.  I will be very happy when I am reunited with him again.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

- Jessica, June 2005

Lost Animals

For lost animal cases, the sessions will typically be 20 to 30 minutes only.  This provides an opportunity to receive first impressions regarding the potential condition and whereabouts of the lost animal, and convey energetic guidance on how to assist in reconnecting with your companion.  Lost animal cases tend to be accompanied by strong emotional stress factors, so it is important for the animal to sense their person being grounded and centered during the conversation.  This will enhance the communication exchange, and subsequent search.

Follow this link for helpful tips and additional lost animal resources. You can also refer to this link,, for excellent detective and behavioral information from Missing Pet Partnerships regarding practical hands-on methods of recovering lost dogs and cats.  Included are recommendations for making posters/flyers to assist with the search.   

I just wanted to let you know that Balou is back home!  We went over in the area that you suggested and walked home, calling her in the direction of our house.  At 10:30pm last night, guess who showed up?  So, I just want to say thank you so much!  I'm sure the path we walked was a huge help.  We were doing alot of energetic work with her through your associate Gary, and made a special effort last night.  I believe that talking with you really helped to refocus that approach, and what you do on your end in conjunction was a big help, too!  We have a very happy ending to our homecoming story, and thank you so much for your part in it.

                                        ~ Susan, Illinois, June 2006


If Carol is not available for a lost animal case based on her schedule, she will refer you to a list of other animal communicators who also work with lost animal cases. Click HERE to link to ACersPlace and view this listing. 

Intuitive Healing and Additional Modalities

"Your interpretation of Juniper's identity (now "miss beauuutiful!!) makes perfect sense given her stoic nature. Since our session, I have been telling her how beautiful she is, as she requested, and amazingly , she wags her tail when I tell her!! I've also given her a job to distract her from her self-imposed "time-out" phase, and although the re is still room for improvement, she does appear to be happier, and it is easier to get her involved in the activities around the house. I am looking forward to using flower essences to enhance her coming out of her shell. I wouldn't have known to do any of this without your help. Thank you!!"
- Judi, Kentucky, October 2000

In addition to Animal Communication and Interspecies Life Awareness Coaching & Consulting, Carol offers and incorporates various intuitive healing modalities into her work with clients. Bach Flower Essences and Aroma therapy may be suggested to further support the animal/human relationship and integrate the changes you and your animal desire to experience more fulfillment in your partnership.

These options are discussed with you based on the insights received during the communication session with your animal companion.  If you would like to specifically request information  regarding a particular modality, please do so during the session so she can also discuss with you and your companion.  Guidance to various modalities will be suggested based on what is likely to be most helpful and practical based on the feedback from the animal, and prior experience.  If you are already working with other practitioners in these fields, Carol will suggest that you return to discuss the session findings with them, and that you jointly continue to work together from there. 

Carol frequently refers clients to other trusted animal care practitioners who work with these options and other modalities, as well as practitioners and professionals who convey a positive and holistic approach.  For a national listing of holistic veterinarians, please see AHVMA/FindVet. .  When a communication session is requested, you will be asked for the date of the animal's last veterinarian visit.  It is expected that all cases of sudden behavioral changes, including litter box issues with cats, be reviewed and tested by a veterinarian prior to requesting a communication or healing session.  Please do not delay proper medical attention. 





Session Fees

Phone Sessions:  Single Animal

Carol does the majority (99%) of her consultations via phone. First time sessions for one animal are usually 40-45 minutes, based on 6 to 9 questions, and the fee is $95.  Additional time is in 15 minute increments.

In-Person Sessions:  Single Animal

In-person sessions are at a rate of $125 for the first hour (minimum), and $30 for each additional 15 minutes. There is an added travel fee of $60 per hour (based on time to and from Pekin, IL). The information telepathically received from the animals is the same regardless of whether it's via phone or in-person. 

(In-person visits are not done with aggressive animals.  These must be scheduled as phone sessions only.  This enhances the effectiveness of the telepathic exchange for both parties.)

Multiple Animal Sessions:  Phone and In-Person

For multiple animals, you may have more questions for some, less for others. Carol's rate is $125 for the first hour, and $30 for each additional 15 minutes.  She usually suggests working with the oldest animal in the household first, or the one who has been there the longest (out of respect). 

Even if you only have one or two questions with specific animals in the group, please estimate a minimum of 10-15 minutes for each companion to share during the call.  This will keep things respectful and relaxed for your companions.  A good estimate for multiple animal sessions is 15 minutes for 3 questions for a companion, 30 minutes for 6 questions, and 45 minutes for 9 questions.  For two animals, 7-8 questions each, a session estimate would be 60-75 minutes, depending on the types of questions and depth of conversation.

Established Clients:  Phone Sessions

Established clients may request sessions less than 45 minutes since you have already spoken and established a rapport with your companion through a prior communication session. For existing clients, when requesting a session, please use the guidelines noted above (15 minutes:  3 questions, 30 minutes: 6 questions, and 45 minutes: 9 questions) to estimate session length for scheduling purposes.  Minimum session length is 15 minutes ($35). 

Lost Animal Cases:  Phone Sessions

Minimum for a lost animal case is $55.  A 30 minute lost animal session is $75.

Cancelled or Missed Appointments:  Phone and In-Person Sessions

There is a $35 fee for sessions cancelled with less than 24 hours notice.  Missed appointments  (no call/no show) will be charged at the scheduled session rate since the session time could not be rebooked.

Intuitive Healing:  Long Distance and In-Person Sessions

I have to tell you that since the intuitive healing session that Posey has not only come out of her shell lately, but she is also a much more pleasant cat to be around.  She is spending much more time out of the basement, and right at this moment she is sitting by the back door close to Patty Pan (the rival cat).  Actually, they are touching!  She doesn't hiss at the dogs nearly as much and just seems happier.  I finished building the cat house and it is out in the back yard.  Now they can hang outside on nice days and they have been in there every day this week, and there has been no fighting or hissing.  All is well!!  Thanks again for your help.  I think it has really made a difference!

- Peggy, Illinois, April 2006

The majority of healing sessions (99%) are done long distance.  An Intuitive Healing Support session incorporates various healing modalities. Available for both animals and humans since many concerns and emotions are often shared and interconnected.  Long distance (suggested and preferred to allow for optimal relaxation and benefits) includes up to a 15 minute phone discussion following the healing session to share and discuss findings.  Incremental consultation time will be at the base rate ($30 for 15 minutes). 

You are encouraged to schedule an hour healing session ($125) to allow for optimal energetic release and benefits/anchoring of the potential shifts.  Session increments of 45 minutes ($95) and 30 minutes ($65) are also available.  

(Situations will vary based on spiritual guidance received during the healing session, so if less than the scheduled time is needed based on input from spiritual guides or the animals during the session, this guidance is followed.)




Scheduling a Session

Both Phone and In-Person communication sessions are available.

The majority of sessions (99%) are done via phone.

Phone sessions are available at these times (all Central Time):  

Mondays:9:30am through 6:30pm
Tuesdays:9:30am through 6:30pm
Wednesdays:9:30am through 6:30pm
Thursdays:9:30am through 6:30pm
Fridays: 9:30am through 4:00pm
Saturdays:9:30am through Noon
(lost animal sessions scheduled prior to 5pm Central Time)

Please specify your time preference when using the session request form, or session options when requesting a session via e-mail or phone.

Open times are typically available within 2 to 5 days.

Once a session time is set, you would send the additional session information (brief history, along with questions for your companion) via a Consultation Preparation Form

Then, call Carol at the time on the private phone consultation line (provided to you).

In-Person session availability varies based on location, as well as travel and event commitments.

(For in-person sessions only, Carol will reconfirm the session prior to leaving for your location. Session reminders are not done for phone session appointments. Please note above that there is a policy for short notice cancellations and missed appointments.)

Intuitive Healing Sessions will be specifically scheduled at times which are condusive for calmness and relaxation to achieve optimal benefits for you and your animal companion.

or e-mail Carol at,
or call 815-531-2850  


Services Rate Summary

Phone Sessions
One Animal 40-45 minutes $95
Multiple Animals 1 hour base rate $125
Existing Clients

up to 30 minutes
up to 20 minutes
up to 15 minutes




Lost Animal Sessions
One Animal up to 20 minutes $55
One Animal up to 30 minutes $75
In Person Sessions
1 hour minimum $125*

*plus travel costs of $60 per hour, round trip from Pekin, IL

Long Distance Intuitive Healing Sessions
60 minutes $125**
45 minutes $95
30 minute minimum $65
**you are encouraged to schedule an hour for optimal benefits / anchoring
Phone, In-Person, and Intuitive Healing Sessions
Each additional 15 minutes $30
Life Coaching Sessions / Practitioner Mentoring Sessions
(3) 45 minute sessions $275
(3) 30 minute sessions $185
BACH & FES Flower Essence Blends
1 bottle blended dosage (1z dropper) $30/ bottle***
1 concurrent/duplicate bottle $10 additional
*** add $5 for shipping
Aromatherapy Blends
1 bottle customized blend (5ml) $30/ bottle ***
1 bottle customized blend (4z spritz) $30/ bottle ***
1 concurrent/duplicate bottle $10 additional
~ Using Young Living Essential Oils ~           *** add $5 for shipping
Session Recording
Digital:  Phone Session
(MP3 file e-mailed to you)
CD/MP3 (shipping included) $25

Gift Certificates

Share the gift of connection and insight with friends and family with a Gift Certificate!

Our gift certificates can be used for consultations, energetic balancing, coaching, or other items listed at .

You will be personally contacted via e-mail following your purchase to specify how you would like your gift certificate created and delivered.

Your choices for delivery will include:

*no documentation needed beyond the online shopping cart receipt
*an 8 1/2" x 11" PDF color document sent via e-mail
*an 8 1/2" x 11" color and laminated document sent via USPS to you for gifting

You will be requested to provide the name of the gift receipient so that we can be prepared for them to contact us, and enjoy your gift.

We are honored to support your intention to bring connection and insight to your family and friends!

Click Here to Order Gift Certificates


Submitting Payments in Advance

Once a session length and time has been confirmed (see "Request a Session" box below), advance payment (based on session length and recording choice) is requested to hold your session time. 

Payment for any additional services or item choices beyond the core consultation or intuitive healing session can be submitted following the scheduled session.

When completing the session preparation form, you will be guided to the client payment page to submit payment.  This is a front end selection menu to purchase through the website shopping cart. 

The direct link to this Client Session Payment Page is:


Payments can be made through this shopping cart link via personal check or credit card (Visa, or Mastercard). 


or e-mail Carol at,
or call 815-531-2850  


Animal Communication is not an alternative or substitute for good veterinary care, proper nutrition, training, or exercise.

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